How to build confidence and self-awareness with Samantha Dholakia

How to build confidence and self-awareness with Samantha Dholakia

Episode 57


Today we are welcoming Samatha, a coach who can help you bring your life together.

I learned so much from this podcast. It will definitely be useful for parents and future parents but it is really for everyone as Sam explains how to build confidence and self-awareness.

It starts with making the necessary changes to your mindset and spot the clues that will guide you on this journey. It will inspire you to put in place a buddy system, teach you why you lose your temper sometimes and how to raise your self-awareness.


What do you want the world that you are creating to look like?

How to use the way you feel as a check-in?


I would encourage you to take some notes as Sam runs us through a couple of very useful exercises.

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