How to fight for the needs of your child with Gemma Louise

How to fight for the needs of your child with Gemma Louise

Episode 54


Today’s episode is for parents with kids that are struggling at school, whether they have a diagnosis or not. Gemma is teaching us how to fight for the needs of your child by telling us how to support them, communicate collaborate with the school, follow up with teachers in an assertive way, and deal with the daily stress.

This is a very important episode. I don’t know if you remember how long a school year felt, when you were at school, or even a day. It really matters to them, so helping them early can make a huge difference.

If you know anyone facing these issues, please share this episode and recommend them to join Gemma’s group as it could save them months or years potentially, of suffering.

Gemma’s Powerful Parent Project Group

She offers 1:1 Power Hour Sessions

They are currently £99 per session.   For parents who want to know if their child is being supported enough in school, what their ‘next step’ may be for getting the support they need and to create an action plan to help move the process forward.


Today is also our last episode of the year! But not to worry, we will be back with a great one on the 6th of January. This way we can hopefully all enjoy our Christmas break, but if you have extra time you can always catch up on previous episodes! In the meantime, please join us on Instagram where I will be active everyday.

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