How to raise a good human with Stephanie Ryan

How to raise a good human with Stephanie Ryan

Episode 69


Today’s theme for the episode was on science and how to make experiments at home with your kid, but Stephanie and I diverted in a fascinating conversation on consent, resilience and ultimately How to raise a good human.


Stephanie has a Ph.D. in the Learning Sciences and runs the ‘Let’s learn about Science’ account.

We talk about activities to do at home with your kid, how to both get into science, finding different ways to learn.

She explains what cyclical learning is and how to find appropriate experiments, adapting to your kid’s needs.


We learn about persistence, modelling what to do when you make a mistake, how to protect your kids from social media, teaching about consent from an early age, and finally just value their opinion in general.

I really enjoyed this episode, and I hope you will too.


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