My life changed when I was 8 with Tom Freeman

My life changed when I was 8 with Tom Freeman

Episode 68


This episode is part of the ‘Life Reflection’ series on The Bubbling Adventure, where guests share their story and how their education impacted their life.

Tom’s life is a real rollercoaster that could be turned into a movie! Rest assured that you will be hooked until the end.

We discuss how his life changed when he was 8 years old.

  • Growing up in California
  • Learning I was adopted out of the blue
  • Loving wholesome family
  • Started acting out and pushing the envelope
  • Saying the right thing isn’t always enough
  • Dealing with unanswered questions
  • Choosing the wrong path in life
  • What to say/not to say to someone who was adopted
  • Dealing with addictions, getting sober
  • PTSD diagnosis
  • To being the happiest person you will ever meet
  • Self forgiveness, going back on the right path
  • Making amends with yourself and others
  • Views on adoption


Find Tom: @ta_freeman_jr


As always thank you so much for listening!

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