What parenting is really like with Elisabeth Martineau

What parenting is really like with Elisabeth Martineau

Episode 26


As far back as she can remember, the Canadian-born journalist Elisabeth Martineau has always taken great interest in birth, childhood, education, communication between parents and their children… When she became a mother herself over twenty years ago, in France, she experienced what most mothers encounter : an endless number of new questions about parenting and nowhere to find answers, as well as a great feeling of isolation and loneliness. In 2000, she co-founded an association “La Cause des Parents” to organise meetings and conferences for new parents.


In 2008, she started writing for the magazine “L’Enfant et la vie”, became Chief Editor in 2014 and bought the title in 2016 with her associate, Anne Bideault.


Magazine L’Enfant et la vie : www.lenfantetlavie.fr

Association www.lacausedesparents.org

Sources mentioned during the episode :

Communication Non-Violente : https://www.cnvformations.fr/

Faber et Mazlish : https://www.auxeditionsduphare.com/

Loved this episode and how we got to talk about what parenting is really like: how hard the early years are, and then what is feels like when the teenage years start, but also more taboo subjects like blackmail or even spanking. It is very refreshing to hear about Elisabeth’s journey and advice.


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