What is Positive Education?

I often get this question… for me Positive Education is conscious parenting + positive schooling

– It’s adapting our education style to each kid because they are all unique and won’t respond in the same way.

– It’s helping them to be confident, open-minded, and solution-oriented.

– Accompanying children to be well-rounded and independent humans.

– Choosing to adopt positive ways to teach life lessons.

– Being patient and always taking the time to explain the situation or the consequence of an action rather than using what we call “ordinary educational violence” including threats, blackmail, or punishing them.

– It’s about opening the communication and building a safe place to learn, be vulnerable, make mistakes, and grow.

With that being said, it is a learning curve for all of us. It is not about shaming parents who are not “perfect” because perfection simply doesn’t exist. Parents need to be agile and adapt every single day ✨

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