A guide for expecting parents

Episode 72


Today’s episode is a guide for expecting parents. What to focus on, what to do, and how.


Thank you so much for all the positive feedback on last week’s solo episode – it means a lot to know that you enjoyed it so much.

I enjoyed it too so I thought I would do another one this week.


We are going to go over food and complements, movement, body image, emotions & stress as well as how to get ready.


I am proud to say that this podcast is listened to from 70 countries… so nice to see that people around the world care about the same subjects. This is all thanks to you, as so far the podcast is fully relying on word of mouth. So if you can please take 1min to share this episode with someone, I would be so grateful as it truly helps. You can also write a review if you are listening from Apple Podcasts, click on the 5-star button on Spotify and join us on Instagram @thebubblingadventure for daily positive education content.

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Julie Pabion


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