Feeling like the anxious parent with Christine Ko

Feeling like the anxious parent with Christine Ko

Episode 67


Today we are talking about a subject that many of you will be familiar with… feeling like the anxious parent.

It happens to feel like we are overreacting, especially in a situation where authority bias affects the decision making.

Christine, who is a physician herself, as well as a mother who had to face other doctors who misdiagnosed her son is the perfect person to talk about this subject. She even wrote a book on how to navigate this type of situation in the most effective way and improve patient/doctor relationships.

Through her own journey, Christine discusses parental instinct, standing up for yourself or for the patient, the impact of toxic positivity nowadays, and gives us communication tips to avoid misunderstandings.

Find Christine:

Website. https://christinejko.com

Link to amazon for her book:


And the book is actually 20% this month through the publisher site:



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