The best sleep schedule for kids with Jade Zammit

The best sleep schedule for kids with Jade Zammit

Episode 55


Today, our special guest is Jade, who is an Infant & Child sleep consultant tells us everything we need to know about sleeping patterns, and how to find the best sleep schedule for kids!

We talk about the potential triggers to sleeping issues, learn about the best environment to put in place, how to find gentle solutions.

Jade also explains that, contrary to what we might be thinking, over-tiredness can build up and actually prevent kids from sleeping.


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Top things to look at for sleep challenges with little ones!

1. Sleep Environment – Dark, Calm & Comfortable.  Avoid blue/white night lights as they hinder the melatonin production needed for deep sleep! Amber/red lights work much better!  Consistent and safe temperature  Safe environment

2. Over-tiredness If you are seeing Fighting Naps/Bedtime Frequent Awakenings Shorter Naps Early Rises There is a high chance there is some over-tiredness happening. Early naps & bedtimes help, and keep an eye on wake windows!

3. Settle Approach – is there something that helps your baby sleep that they fully rely on for every wake? Do they have strong sleep associations? This helps identify where you can gently work on reducing this.

4. Toddler Challenges  – set clear boundaries and routines without deviation! They are so clever!

5. Ask for support & advice, don’t suffer sleep deprivation alone! It is so fundamental for our little ones, and ourselves!

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