What we learned in 2020

Episode 24


This week, we will go back to the lessons we learned in 2020 thanks to the wisdom of all the amazing guests we received this year.


Thank you again so much for all the support we received from 27 different countries this year and for all the words of encouragement. It is well appreciated, and I am working on a lot of great projects for the new year so stay tuned!


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Episode 1: What to tell kids about 2020 with Heidi

Episode 2: Dealing with PTSD and social anxiety with Coralie Seys

Episode 3: Raising your child with no gender with Jennifer Senecal

Episode 4: Helping the kids society forgets about with George Turner

Episode 5: How stress affects your fertility with Maria Campelo

Episode 6: Children need both parents with Preenay Chohan

Episode 7: Raising your kids bilingual with Dr Pell

Episode 8: Nutrition education with Jane Holland

Episode 9: Teach your children to process their emotions with Martin Hassall

Episode 10: What’s the actual impact of childhood on your life with Rachael Floyd

Episode 11: How exercise helps with learning disabilities with Nora

Episode 12: Active learning & positive schooling with Dr Dan Pell

Episode 13: Positive psychology is the key to success with Dr Nick Holton

Episode 14: Teaching children to write and read with Melissa Savonoff

Episode 15: How to teach kids about money with Bill Pratt

Episode 16: From pain to growth with Nima from Mindful Champs

Episode 17: Be a role model & put yourself first with Lin Courage

Episode 18: Life reflections with Shnay Chohan

Episode 19: Let’s talk about Birth Trauma with Sha

Episode 20: How I survived 3 miscarriages with Rosie Wareham

Episode 21: How I almost became a priest with Tiberius Raducan

Episode 22: Finding support after a loss with Abi from MISS

Episode 23: Overcoming insecurities with Julie Pabion


Happy new year!

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