You were a baby once as well with Nicki Young & Helene Moore

You were a baby once as well with Nicki Young & Helene Moore

Episode 56


Today we are welcoming not one but two guests! Helene & Nicki

It is the first time and it was really exciting – so do let me know if you enjoy this format (either write a review on Apple Podcasts or reach me on Instagram @thebubblingadventure)

This is an eye-opening episode on seeing things from both the mother and the baby’s perspective.

Indeed, Nicki is a certified Executive Coach specialising in maternity, while Helene is a Prenatal & Early Years Development Practitioner, so focusing more on the baby’s side. They will tell us about how they got together and how powerful it is.

They even answered my questions on why so many mothers change their careers after number 1/before number 2, and that it is not just because of circumstances.


We talk about the mother/baby relationship, and how every parent once was a baby, which means they actually have a lot of insights.

They explain what ‘matrescence’ is and how you can use it to your advantage by breaking preconceptions, build resilience and how finding resolution for what happened makes it feel easier.

Finally, you will learn how to give yourself a break and celebrate what you do!


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